($49.99 ONLY TODAY) TYME 2 in 1 Hair Straightener & Curling Iron

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  • No need bother buying two hair tools. 2-In-1 design, can function both as a straightener or a curler.
  • PTC heating model and titanium plate create a shinier, silkier finish in lesser time and eliminates frizz for longer time with     less damage.
  • 3cm/1in plate suitable even for short hair.
  • 4 temperature levels for different hair quality, suiting your different needs.
  • Auto shut-off if no operation in 60 minutes.
  • Easy to use, you are free to design your own hairstyle.
  • To turn iron on push ON/OFF power button
  • The iron will heat to 450 °F (light blinking)
  • The keep a constant temperature (light steady)
  • *The iron will not automatically shut off*
  • Operate with AC 110-240V 50/60Hz power supply 
  • Power : 30W Rated voltage : 110 to 230V
  • max temperature : 230 degree
  • Specifications : 1inch board, 100-240V, global universal, nano ceramic plate
  • Function : LED temperature adjustable display screen, can be straight hair curly hair
  • 1. It does not hurt the hair
  • 2. Tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and flyaway, and protects hair from damage
  • 3. Anion hair care
  • 4. Multiple temperature choice
  • 5. Rapid heating up, uniform heating
  • 6. The hot design
  • 7. Rotate 360 degrees



Curl, Straighten + Create Any Style In Minutes

Tight Curls, Beach Waves, Sleek & Straight Styles





Getting Started

When turning your iron on, click the power button. The LED light set on the front of your iron will blink until the desired temperature is reached, then stay lit. To cycle through heat settings, click the power button.

1 Light   - 300° F
2 Lights - 325° F
3 Lights - 350° F
4 Lights - 375° F
5 Lights - 400° F

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Once your iron has reached your desired setting, the lights will stay lit until you turn it off. To turn your iron off, click and hold the power button for 2-3 seconds. 


How-To Use Your Twist Iron Pro






Prepping Your Hair

Grab a vertical section of hair and pull it forwards towards your mirror.


Brush Your Section

Brush through the section of hair to eliminate the chance of getting a crease or frizz at the top of your head.


Positioning Your Iron

Bring the guide side against your head at a 45 degree angle. On your right side, the tip of the iron is up, and your right elbow will be out and away from your body.


Left Side Positioning

On the left side, the tip of your iron is down, and your elbow will be up above your head to allow your iron to be at a 45 degree angle.






Starting The Curl

Once you've placed the hair between the plates, rotate your iron back so you can see the guide side in the mirror.


Curling On The Left

Keep your elbow up over your head as you move forward towards the mirror.


Finishing The Curl

Always lead with the side of the iron that is up. On the right side, slightly lead with the tip.


Finishing The Left

Glide the iron with loose tension, at a slow and steady speed, down towards the lower corner of your mirror.