EZLife Egg Cracker And Separator 2018

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This portable egg cracker and separator helps you to crack eggs. It’s called the EZLife Eggs Cracker 2018. The creators made it to keep shell shards out of your food. It cracks eggs with the same amount of pressure each time. It even has a hoop to catch the yolk.

  • Egg cracker/separator quickly opens fresh eggs or hard-boiled eggs
  • Operates with the simple touch of a button; eliminates shell pieces in food
  • Bonus attachment separates egg whites from yolks
  • Sturdy plastic construction; space-saving design for compact storage
  • Measures approximately 1-4/5 by 8-1/2 by 3 inches

This simple design enables you to crack open eggs with no wreckage or bits of shell in your food. All you have to do is, Just insert an egg into the support and press to right away break and discharge the egg from its shell. This EZLife Eggs Cracker egg cracker and separator is the ideal method to cook with eggs at simply the crush of a handle. And this tool can strip shells from hard boiled eggs in seconds.

It works with the simple touch of a button. So kids and elders can easily operate. The simple design enables you to crack open eggs without any mess or bits of shell in your food. And it comes with the egg whites separator attachment. That allows you to Separate egg yolks and whites just as simple. Strip shells from hard bubbled eggs in seconds. No more spills.